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OVERVIEW Saint-Gobain North America’s corporate website was sorely in need of an overhaul to improve customer experience, update content and aesthetics, and reflect current responsive/mobile development best-practices. The new site needed to do a more effective job of communicating to visitors who the company was, which markets it participated in for North America, and quickly direct customers looking for key business brands off to those respective sites. A new way of organizing the structure of the site was needed, as informed by feedback from representative internal business leaders and external customers across various industries. INVOLVEMENT • Consultant through RFP process for external vendor selection • Creative & art director of external vendor’s creative team • Liaison between external vendor and internal programming team during critical development transition period • Steward of brand & web identity compliance between the Global and North American Corporate Communications teams RESULTS Shortly after launch, many internal contributors and key stakeholders commented on the dramatic improvements from the prior site, inclusive of the highly critical Global Corporate Communications team. The structure and content of the new site also directly addresses customer concerns we revealed during external surveys, so we expect this to be an immediate and dramatic improvement in total user experience for customers. That said, the core team plans to continue to monitor the analytics data and collect internal/external feedback for proactive updates of the site’s content. Visit the site at:

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