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OVERVIEW A media business was in need of overhauling their existing website to improve their prospective customers' experience and better position their current service capabilities in this competitive industry. The new site needed to do a more effective job of conveying their established and credible nature to attract new prospects via organic search, especially knowing their client base is comprised of discerning marketing and creative agency folks. As a part of a larger rebranding project, I led a digital team to revamp the website, inclusive of: • more modern, interactive visuals • clear, value-driven messaging • navigational elements that considered different types of users (two distinct types of customers/prospects in this case: those who know exactly what they're searching for and want it quickly, and those who are less sure of their need and/or prefer to meander and explore) • lead capture forms (did not exist on previous website) • a new, dynamic questionnaire that offers immediate preliminary service recommendations to new client prospects, while capturing leads for the sales team for later follow-up • a more human, relatable tone to their offer, as well as more imagery and a "meet the team" page INVOLVEMENT • Brand identity development • Creative direction • Art and copy direction • Project management

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